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Manhattan – Thurgood Marshall Academy

IB Manhattan High School:  Thurgood Marshall Academy Faculty/Administrative Contacts:  Tara Gardner, Dr. Sandye Johnson IB Manhattan College:  City College of New York Faculty/Administrative Contacts: P rofessor Eugene Nesmith Thoughts of the arts in Manhattan immediately conjure images of the great museums and, of course, the bright lights of Broadway. But the island of Manhattan is alive with electricity […]

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Brooklyn – Susan McKinney Secondary School of the Arts

IB Brooklyn High School: Susan McKinney Secondary School of the Arts Faculty/Administrative Contact: Darren Persons IB Brooklyn College: Medger Evers College Faculty/Administrative Contacts: Brenda Greene, Elendar Barnes, Thomas Bradshaw Did you know that in the incredibly diverse borough of Brooklyn there are mummies from Egypt in the permanent collection at the recently renovated Brooklyn Museum of Art? […]

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Bronx – Fordham High School of the Arts

IB Broadway High School: Fordham High School of the Arts Faculty/Administrative Contact: Rose Hernandez IB College: TBD Did you know that the Bronx Museum of the Arts boasts a unique collection that focuses on contemporary art by artists of African, Asian and Latin American descent?  How about the Bronx Cultural Trolley? It takes you on a FREE ride exploring the […]

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