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04 Jan 2010

Impact Broadway – Spotlight

Arts In My Backyard, Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island No Comments

Hello, my name is Katrina Mackey and I’m a senior at McKinney Highschool of the Arts in Brooklyn New York. I got involved with Impact Broadway in my junior year when Ms. Donna came to our school with several of her colleagues and introduced the concept. In short they explained to me and other founding members that the youth and minority community arent exposed to all Broadway has to offer. They conveyed many messages but the one that stuck with me was that the arts should be appreciated by people of all types because not only is it entertaining but the people who help make Broadway shows possible care about what we the youth think. Once upon a time the intellect of minorities was a joke and today sometimes the genius of our youth is over looked. They write us off as playful thrill seekers without a passion for the writing, dancing, music and drama that make Broadway sparkle. Impact Broadway challenges the youth while giving us a platform to stand up and speak out so that this classic tradition of theatre can live on and prosper. Its because of Impact Broadway that I’ve gotten to speak to actors about what it’s like to make it, see “In the Heights” and appreciate a world right in my home, I never knew existed. As an aspiring actress I’ve been very small minded about what a performance can do for people because although I love the stage I’m also hungry for fame. Impact Broadway’s programs shut me up and made me appreciate even more the field of fine arts, and a gift like this one is priceless.

Eternally thankful,
Katrina Mackey, McKinney Highschool 2010
Founding Member of the McKinney Highschool Impact Broadway Theater Club

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