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About The Program

“My husband and I believe strongly that arts education is essential for building innovative thinkers who will be our nation’s leaders for tomorrow.”  Michelle Obama

Welcome to Impact Broadway! Now that you all have joined this club, we asked that you claim it. Impact Broadway is your very own inter-borough youth theater initiative that meets you where you are and takes on the wonderful journey of theater. We, the consortium, have met with all of your schools and truly believe that you are the leaders that our first lady is talking about in the above quote.

Hope you guys had a great summer! We want to share with you how thrilled about the upcoming season.  Perhaps we are excited about the gathering in October.

The Gathering will expose you to the glorious legacy of Black and Brown people on the Great White Way. You’ll get to mingle with the industries elite and further inspire them to create programming that will tickle your fancy. They care about what you think and we do too. That is why during The Gathering, we will unveil… drum roll please… the logo that YOU all decided and launch our website that embodies many of the suggestions you made during our work session.

Most excitingly, we can’t wait to see the additional 250 friends and classmates you recruited to make your club the best and brightest it could be. Did you all realize that you are pioneers in this venture?  So up and on the uncharted territory! We will see you on 42nd Street.

Play by Play on Broadway

We want you to play by play whenever you go to see a show. What’s that? Well. every time you swing by a play, musical or any type of Broadway production, we want you to play at the many stores, shops, restaurants and arcades in the area. We want you to know why ForbesTraveler.com rated Times Square one of the top ten tourist destinations in the entire country. Yeah, right up there with Disney and Niagara Falls!

Maybe you want might want to hang out at the MTV store… it is said that Beyonce shops there after she does an interview up at the studio located directly above the glass front. Perhaps you want to check out the new NARS lip-gloss that everyone is rocking and the glitter mascara that would totally jump it off… well Sephora’s is open until midnight. Do you want to get your purr on: the Hello Kitty store that is open just as late. After a show you could easily roll over there and girl out.

We would be remiss if we only looked out for our young ladies and not our boys. So did anyone say “Dave & Busters? Madame Toussauds? Lids for the fitted Yankees cap?”  These are all places that cater to that itch for fun that young men have when they are hanging out on a easy, breezy Saturday.

And for some of you older ones, it is nice to hand out at The W and dance the night away.

Whatever your swagger feels, we can not only provide you with information about the place, but give you card that will entitle you to preferred customer benefits at some of those places.