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15 Nov 2011

Impacter of Tomorrow

Impacters, Tomorrow No Comments


Michael Judan is a 2011 graduate of Hillcrest High school. He has performed in many of his high school plays such as Grease, RENT, The Servant of two Masters and No Show. He has previously competed in the August Wilson Monologue Competition twice. Acting is something Michael loves to do. For Michael, acting is the best way to vent out his emotions without hurting anybody. He feel that acting and theatre goes hand in hand. Whether your acting in a Shakespearean play or August Wilson play, even though there is a huge difference in time, they both have their similar emotions and struggles. Theatre will change, but as it does, we will never lose interest in it. Michael credits Hillcrest High school with helping him to find his love for acting. They helped him expand as an actor and as a person. The experiences Michael has been through have made him the person he is today. 


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