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30 Dec 2009

IB Schools – Bronx

Bronx, IB Schools No Comments

Theatre Arts Production Company School (TAPCo)

School Bio:
TAPCo is a learner-centered, performance-based school of choice.  We are committed to promoting intellectual engagement which fosters creativity, diversity and personal responsibility. As a small school, we are able to provide a safe and personalized environment to a multi-cultural community.

TAPCo challenges students through a variety of creative strategies. All theatre arts classes are well integrated with the core curriculum through an essential question in each grade. Therefore, all theatre arts classes support and reinforce the subjects which your child is required to study. We provide an opportunity for our children to pursue training in the arts as well as challenging their academic college preparation. We follow a “Schoolwide Enrichment Model” and utilize “The Life Skills Crisis Intervention” program to build community and develop productive relationships for our children.

Current Impact Broadway students:
Esme Arroyo
Tameka Crawford
Sterlin De Leon
Nathalia Diaz
Creasia Gibbs
Kiara Lagos
Carmen Lopez
Candice Lozader
Priscilla Marquez
Tammie Miller
Rosheena Peart
Genesis Peralta
Sumra Saeed All-Showafye
India Samuel
Gionna Spann
Ronesha Stephenson

Impact Broadway Teacher:
Dayana Hernandez

School principal:
Lynn Passarella

School contact information:
2225 Webster Avenue, Bronx, NY 10457
Phone: (718) 584-0832 Fax: (718) 584-5102

Bronx Engineering and Technology Academy (BETA)

School Bio:

The mission of BETA is to create a nurturing and challenging learning environment that will stimulate and support students’ ability to think critically and creatively. BETA in collaboration with Manhattan College-School of Engineering, families, and community partnerships, will engage students with real-world problems by using engineering as a lens through which everyday problems are analyzed, approached, and solved. We are committed to teach our students how to learn and how to think as engineers, and help them rediscover the wonder and joy of learning. It is our commitment to empower and prepare students to become technologically literate citizens with the skills necessary to succeed at the university level, in any field of choice. Students will be prepared with the knowledge, skills, and ethical values necessary to assume leadership roles in an increasingly global, technological, and culturally diverse society.

Current Impact Broadway students:


Derek Afriyie

Elijah Arias

Emily Astacio

Stephany Baauero

Freddie Berdejo

Adriel Beyes

Dennis Boabeng

Kevin Castillo

Jesus Cortez

Steven Cruz

Amadou Diallo

Lloyd Duke

Randy Ferguson

Jeremy Frias

Juana Garcia

Alberto Gutierrez III

Joshua Latty

Andre Mosby Jr.

Marlene Reyes

Misael Reyes

Richard Rivas

Dwight Robinson

Cherokee Stewart-Hart

Aseer Tnkeser

Impact Broadway Teacher: Kara Sperling, Victor John and D. Fletcher

School principal:

Rashid F. Davis

School contact information:

99 Terrace View Avenue

Bronx, NY 10463

(718) 563-6678

Morris Academy for Collaborative Studies

School Bio:

MACS’ mission is to build student leaders who serve their community with character. We involve our students in their own learning process, so that they become creative, self-motivated problem solvers – individuals who can meet the challenges of higher education & the employment market of the 21st century. Technology and the humanities will be infused across the curriculum.

We believe the most effective way to provide a meaningful educational experience is through a project-based, collaborative approach. Our students learn by doing. They work in small groups on academically rigorous, multidisciplinary projects designed to be practical and relevant to their lives.

Current Impact Broadway students:

Andrew Brooks

Asia Ferguson

Sabrina Gonzalez

Brandon Grant

Jean Luc Louis

Parish Maynard

Marycelin Rivera

Jocelyn Rivera

Geltridis Roche

Luisa Sanchez

Steve Thomson III

Impact Broadway Teacher:
Andrea Gordon

School principal:
Charles Osewalt

School contact information:
1100 Boston Road
Bronx, NY 10456
Phone: (718) 542-3700 EXT. 2250
Fax: (718) 893-7368

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