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30 Dec 2009

IB Schools – Queens

IB Schools, Queens No Comments

LaGuardia Community College

31-10 Thomson Avenue
Long Island City, N.Y. 11101
(718) 482-7200

LaGuardia Community College is the best place to think globally and act locally. Whether it is in creating a piece of software or writing a play, understanding how to do calculus or understanding how to do physical therapy, students at LaGuardia Community College bring a world’s perspective to their studies.

LaGuardia Community College is the doorway through which students pass to many more achievements. Whether students use their research experience in National Science Foundation labs to become scientists, their co-op internship in accounting to secure a great job while they complete their CPA, their musical experience to compose great jazz, or their work with a local high tech industry to become an entrepreneur, LaGuardia graduates are well prepared to face the challenges of our complex world.

The program advisor is Steven Hitt
Founding members:
Sharif Griggs
Theresa Arthur
Carla Juez
Jonathan Navarro
Marcos Caamano
Juan Alvarado
Ivette Santamaria


Hillcrest High School

School Bio:
The Theatre Institute @ Hillcrest is a four year program where students study acting, directing, play writing, and play productions.  Students have an opportunity to be in 4 shows a year in both our 550 seat theatre and our Black Box Theater.  The Theatre Institute helps to develop well rounded, talented, confident young people.

Interesting facts about Hillcrest’s theater program, class and/or
students who have worked in song, dance or theater:

Current Impact Broadway students:

Beran Persaud
Michael Judan
Danielle Fish
Tameeka Deloach
Andre Wilson
Amanda Chaitram
Jonathan Alaby
Sharice Murdock
Jacqualine Rowe
Patrick Johnson
Moray Seals
Samson Adepoju
Sichelle Clement
Laron Blakely
Crystal Blake
Joseph Rodriguez
Naiyima Severe
Heralzine Valloguerre
Stephanie Matheson
Devin Balcaer
Kelbert Ang
Jasmine Bethancas
Jakeqwana Robinson

Impact Broadway Teacher:
Amy Morrison

School principal:
Steve Duch

School contact information:
160-05 Highland Ave Jamaica NY 11432

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