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17 Apr 2010

Impacters of Tomorrow

Impacters, Tomorrow No Comments

Paul Edme

Personally I think one of the most interesting facts about me is my background. I was born in Mexico city to Haitian parents in January 5th ’92. Ever since I can remember, acting has been my profession of choice and my brother Junior,  had a lot to do with why I started liking it. I consider him my number one mentor and inspiration for being an actor because he is also an actor.

But I also love music, like singing and dancing. I’m actually also part of a dance team. That is why my favorite kind of plays to watch and to perform in are musicals because that is where I get a chance to mix in my love for music with my passion for acting in one.

In Hillcrest High School I had a great time expanding my knowledge of acting. During the beginning my senior year I was voted Thespian president where I planned trips and events with the rest of the thespian troupe to shows and plays. Also this year, I performed in and directed two plays in school and a musical.

But at the end of the day the most important thing is doing what you love and loving what you do, and I do , especially in my school because as one of my best friends says ..”Everybody loves everybody”

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