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04 Jan 2010

Queens – LaGuardia College

Arts In My Backyard, Queens No Comments

LaGuardia College will be doing an intense season that will surely delight all that are interested in multiple aspects of theater and art in new mediums. One such case is Around the World in 24 Hours– The Internationalists (Lab 301) at Little Theatre on November 7th at 3pm thru November 8th, 3pm. The Internationalists is the resident theatre company for the 2009-2010 LPAC Season and the host an annual event the is 24 hours long help live in multiple venues around the world linking together musicians, actors, dancers and other performers in real-time to discuss to a wide and vast audience about their experiences as artists. There will be a featured performance by Mujer Invisible with Puerto Rico’s captivating Nancy Millan. For more info visit www.theinternationalists.org or http://www.lagcc.cuny.edu/home/

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